People vs Hans Reiser  Oakland, Ca. 

November 7, 2007 --  April, 2008.

Linux free software designer and “Computer Guru” Hans Reiser was tried and convicted of first degree murder of his

Russian-born wife, Nina. My sketches for David Kravet’s blog of the trial appeared exclusively on

Film Roman,  Klasky/Csupo, MGM Animation, DIC, Saban Entertainment, Sony/Columbia Tri-Star, Universal Studios, Mondo Media, Wild Brain, FatBox Films (among others).

The Great Outdoors  FatBox Films

I covered this highly publicized trial “gavel to gavel” as one of the credentialed sketch artists in the courtroom.

My drawings, with text by reporter Don Knapp, have been assembled into a book.

The Scott Peterson Trial Sketchbook

Beans And Nothingness

Dr. Jack Sarfatti

Perry vs Schwartzenegger (Prop 8)

San Francisco, Ca.  January 11 -- 27, 2010

People vs Scott Peterson Redwood City, Ca. 

    June 2004 -- February 2005

Lady Luck  Fatbox Films

The Call Of The Wild  FatBox Films


FatBox Films

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“The Simpsons”, “Rugrats”,  “Garfield and Friends”, “Monster Farm”, “The Mouse and the Monster”, “Babes In Toyland”, “SpyDogs”, “Bobby’s World” and “Dragon Tales”.